Recent publications
Towards 50% Wind Electricity in Denmark - Dilemmas and Challenges
  Article in the European Physical Journal - Plus, 131(5), 1-12, 2016
What Can Fill Wind Power Gaps in 2020?
  Article in two Danish magazines in January 2014, "Naturlig Energi" and "Fjernvarmen" (English, translated from Danish)
The Use of "Power to Heat" in the Danish Energy Supply System
  Presentation at the "Projectgroep Biomassa & WKK" seminar in Rotterdam, 2 Oct. 2013 (English)
Presentation at the ERA Net Workshop in Salzburg, 14 May 2013 (English version)
Presentation at the IKEM Workshop in Berlin, 10 Apr. 2013 (German version)
A New Study on Integration of Renewables in Germany
  Post at The Oil Drum November 2012
Interaction between Electricity and District Heating
  Presentation at the annual meeting of the Danish District Heating Association, 26 Oct. 2012
German Power Grids Increasingly Strained
  Post at The Oil Drum May 2012
Wind Power and District Heating
  New Business Opportunity for CHP: Sale of Balancing Services, article in "Euroheat & Power", English edition IV/2011
Presentation from seminar in the Danish District Energy Development Center 5 March 2012.
Norway Preparing for Balancing European Wind Power
  Post at The Oil Drum February 2011
The Variability of Wind Power
The book
  Collected Papers 2009-2010
With a preface by Michael Laughton
Published by Renewable Energy Foundation, London, July 2010
The full report
The five papers:

 * Statistical Survey 2009
 * Wind Power Variability
 * Wind Power Variations are Exported
 * Geographical Distribution and Wind Power Smoothing
 * Comment on the EWIS report
Wind intermittency: lessons from overseas
  Article in New Power UK, March 2010
Available here with kind permission of New Power UK
Future Challenges of the Danish Power System
Paper for "8th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power...", Bremen, October 2009 (co-author)
The Effects of Wind Power on Spot Prices
 * Paper for Nordic Wind Power Conference, September 2009
 * Leaflet introducing the Spot Price Study
 * Corresponding presentation (0.8 MB)
Wind Power and Spot Prices: German and Danish Experience 2006-2008
A statistical study for Renewable Energy Foundation in London, March 2009:
 * Complete report: See publications from Renewable Energy Foundation
 * Summary in English
 * Presentation, May 2009 (1.2 MB)
Danish Wind Power and Electricity Export in 2007
  Article for Claverton Energy Research Group, December 2008
The challenges posed by more renewables
  Article in Platts Power UK, August 2008
Impact of Distributed Generation on System Operation
  VGB PowerTech 5/2005