Wind Power

3 August 2016:
Fight about Subsidies for Renewable Energy in Germany
The First German TV (ARD) broadcasted an interesting programme on the economic interests in the German wind energy subsidies. Here is my brief presentation.

30 May 2016:
Wind Power in Denmark: Dilemmas and Challenges
My article "Towards 50% Wind Electricity in Denmark - Dilemmas and Challenges" has been published in the European Physical Journal - Plus, 131(5), 1-12. The article is available for free here.

5 October 2015:
Towards 50% Wind Electricity in Denmark
On 23 September I informed the Energy Group under European Physical Society (EPS) about the integration of wind power into the Danish electricity supply system.
Here are my presentation and links to EPS and the Energy Group

23 July 2015:
From 140% Wind Power Record Friday to Calm Weather Saturday
Several international media reported enthusiastically about the 140% wind power record in Denmark during the night of 10th July. However, the wind dropped already the next day.

16 February 2015:
The Average Market Value of Wind Energy in 2014
The total amount of wind energy has been used as a proof of the successful Danish wind programme. The market value of the energy output also deserves attention.

14 January 2015:
Wind Power during the Storms Dagmar and Egon
The twin storms Dagmar and Egon passed Denmark on 9 and 10 January 2015 and created new combinations of market and grid conditions.
Here is an overview for 9 to 12 January 2015.

13 January 2015:
Surplus of Wind Power 1 and 2 January 2015
There is a widespread interest for knowing what happens in the electricity market and in the transmission grid when wind power output exceeds electricity demand. There are good oportunities to examine such conditions during this stormy season.
Here is an overview for 1 and 2 January 2015.

13 December 2014:
Wind Power Stressing Danish Grids in 2013
In 2013 the hurricanes Allan and Bodil forced Danish wind turbines to stop production. I have tried to uncover the facts.

26 January 2014:
Record High Wind Energy Output in Denmark in December 2013
Facts on electricity exchange and spot prices in December 2013.

17 November 2013:
Wind Power Degradation Recognized in Denmark
Assumptions on decreasing capacity factors for Danish wind turbines were discussed below on 22 September 2012 and 25 December 2012. Now a Danish expert has confirmed the degradation.
Read more

25 December 2012:
A New Study on Wind Turbine Performance
The Renewable Energy Foundation has published a new study on wind farm performance in The UK and Denmark. The study was made by Professor Gordon Hughes. The main finding is a surprisingly high decline in energy output as the turbines get older, particular in the UK. Maintenance policy and immature technology may have contributed to the results.
See more here

22 September 2012:
Modest Capacity Factor Degradation for Wind Turbines in Denmark
In some countries it has been observed that the capacity factor for wind tubines declines up to 2% per year. Wear and tear is asumed to be the cause. Even wind turbines in Denmark have declining capacity factors, but at a much more modest level. The main reason seems to be changing wind conditions. 3,215 onshore turbines installed between 1992 and 2001 have been analysed.
See the results here

1 September 2012:
DOE Report on Best Practices in Wind Power Integration
Two of nine examples of excellence provided by
The US Department of Energy (DOE) has taken the remarkable initiative to produce a survey on the state-of-art in wind power integration. The survey includes 72% of installed wind capacity in the world. Wind power has changed the operational conditions and the system operators have already done considerable development efforts in order to maintain normal system security.

10th December 2010:
Poor wind on 7th December
Capacity shortage and high spot prices were observed in several countries on 7th December. There has been some interest for the wind power contribution during the afternoon peak. Here are some preliminary figures:
Production  Share of capacity
Denmark 142 MW 4%
Germany 779 MW 3%
Great Britain 133 MW 6%
Ireland 298 MW 21%
My previous analyses indicate that periods with high electricity consumption and low winds are typical for the month of December

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