District Heating and CHP

17 March 2015:
Combined Heat and Power on the Decline in Denmark
District heating in Denmark has been growing for decades and provides now 55% of the demand for space heating. CHP (combined heat and power) has also been growing, but since the turn of the century there has been a significant decline
Read why here.

11 December 2013:
An Uncertain Future for CHP in Denmark
A scenario study was made in cooperation with the Danish District Heating Association.
See a summary in English or the full report in Danish

3 October 2013:
'Power to Heat' Presentation in Rotterdam
"Projectgroep Biomassa & WKK" had a seminar in Rotterdam on 2nd October 2013.

14 May 2013:
'Power to Heat' Presentation in Salzburg
The ERA Net workshop was a part of the Smart Grids Week in Salzburg 13th to 17th May 2013.
Here is my presentation in an English version

12 April 2013:
Power to Heat - An IKEM Workshop in Berlin
The Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility, IKEM, in Berlin held a workshop, Power to Heat, on 10 April 2013. It was the purpose of the workshop to exchange experience among experts with political, theoretical and practical background on the possible interaction between heat and electricity sectors in order to achieve the best possible integration of renewable energy sources.
Here is my presentation (in German)

2 November 2012:
Will Wind and PV displace CHP?
In 2001 CHP supplied 60% of Denmark's electricity consumption. In 2020 wind power is supposed to supply 50%. CHP plants and wind farm are already competing for sale of electricity. A boom in PV may add to the competition. The flexibility of the CHP systems is decisive for the RES integration. What will be the future role of CHP?
Here is an English version of my presentation
at the annual meeting of the Danish District Heating Association 2012

14 June 2012:
A Danish CHP System with Seasonal Energy Storage
Energy storage is necessary for efficient utilisation of high shares of wind and solar power. The combination with CHP produces too much electricity during the cold seasons and too litte during the summer. At Brædstrup in Jutland a heat supply system with CHP, solar panels, hot water tanks and a borehole storage for seasonal variations is now in full operation.
See the introduction

17 March 2012:
The Unknown Flexibility of District Heating
See the English version of my presentation at the seminar in the Danish District Energy Development Center on 5 March 2012:

12 January 2012:
Article on CHP Business Opportunities
My article on the potential flexibility of the CHP systems has now been published by Euroheat & Power (IV/2011).
See the English version here.

2nd January 2011:
District heating can smooth out wind power variations
'Smart Grid' is often used as a magic word in explanations on wind power integration. However, some dilemmas deserve a more thorough discussion.
In Denmark wind power and CHP (combined heat and power) are competing for the electricity demand. The competition may threaten the existence of small CHP schemes with vulnerable economy.
The district heating systems also include opportunities for storing energy and for utilizing overflow electricity in a useful way. There are new business opportunities for CHP companies by a stronger engagement in the electricity market.
I have tried to demonstrate the possibilities in a new report.
The Danih magazine "Fjernvarmen" has published my results. See my English version.

10th January 2010:
Wind Power and CHP: Conflict or Interaction?
It is a political agreement that wind energy must contribute significantly to increased use of renewable energy in Denmark. However, this policy creates a dilemma because the electricity demand in Denmark is insufficient for both wind power and CHP. Wind power and combined heat and power (CHP) make sense only together with a corresponding electricity demand.
Using electricity for heating is the logical solution, but it was for many years a taboo in Denmark.
However, wind power and CHP cannot both be operated efficiently in the future unless water for district heating systems can be heated by electricity. This view has gradually won general support. I also want to be able to quantify the effects of a properly coordinated operation of wind power and CHP in Denmark.
See wind power integration.

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